First Fully Dedicated Rideshare by SpaceX Lifts Off

Space Coast, FL – The Falcon 9 rocket booster B1058.5 lifted off today by SpaceX for the mission, Transporter-1. Lift off took place today at SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, USA at 1000 EST (1500 UTC).

Falcon 9 B1058.5 lifts off from SLC-40
Falcon 9 B1058.5 lifts off from SLC-40 | photo: Jon Van Horne

Five times Reused Rocket Booster

Falcon 9 B1058 has launched and landed 5 times. The previous launches by this particular rocket booster is as follows. Crew Dragon’s second demonstration mission (Bob & Doug), the ANASIS-II mission, a Starlink mission, and launch of Dragon’s 21st cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station.

SpaceX Falcon 9 delivering it's payload to SSO
SpaceX Falcon 9 delivering it’s payload to SSO (Sun Synchronous Orbit) | photo: Jon Van Horne

A Payload Record

This launch included 143 satellites. Here are a few identified; Planet: 36, Exolaunch: 30, D-Orbit: 20, Kepler: 17, Spaceflight: 14, Starlink: 10, Nanoracks: 9, NASA: 3 and Capella: 2. The previous record of highest number of satellites launched was, 104. They were launched on India’s ISRO that launched Feb 15, 2017. So congratulations to SpaceX and their new world record. Mission details here.

Contraband through the clouds of Falcon 9
Contraband through the clouds from the Falcon 9 B1058 | photo: Jon Van Horne
Falcon 9 B1058.5 Roars with fire from 9 Merlin engines | photo: Crystal Gabriel

A peek inside the Transporter-1 fairing of SpaceX’s rideshare module holding all the satellites that have been deployed.

SpaceX Transporter-1 module holding all sats | photo: SpaceX

Next up for SpaceX is the expected Starlink v1.0 L17 launch which is slated for Jan. 29, 2021 around ~0800 EST (1300UTC) Keep up-to-date on our Launch Schedule page.

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