SpaceX Fleet waits patiently

Earlier today, the fairing catching sisters, GO Ms. Chief and GO Ms. Tree were in Port Canaveral, FL. still without nets. Since their redirection for Starlink-1, due to bad seas, to port of Morehead CIty, SC. they have yet to have the nets added back.

SpaceX Fleet in Port Canaveral | photo: Jon Van Horne

However, a new story has been brought up from the recent arrival of GO Discovery and the loading of Starship materials and a bulkhead. Since the “GO” for the manufacturing of Mk3 (flight capable Starship) in Boca Chica, TX., materials from the Cocoa, FL. Starship site have been being removed from site. We now see and have confirmed that GO Discovery has some of those pieces.

GO Discovery, GO Ms. Tree and GO Ms. Chief | photo: Jon Van Horne

Where GO Discovery goes from here is still “up in the air”. Most are saying to Boca Chica, which is most likely the case. Now, what is to come of Mk2, or even Mk4? Will SpaceX still move Mk2 to it’s facilities on Kennedy Space Center grounds? Will they continue with more work at the Cocoa, FL. site? Or will they slowly move Mk4 materials over to Kennedy Space Center and scrap Mk2 for parts? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough. Elon Musk wanted to do a 20 mile test hop, November/December, so we can bet that the wheels are definitely turning with the SpaceX Starship builders/teams.

Jon Van Horne
Jon Van Horne

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