Artemis Program, Stennis Space Center Testing of SLS

Now that the NASA’s SLS is at NASA Stennis, some testing is to be done. A Green Run test is the premiere top-to-bottom integrated testing of the core stage’s systems. This is the last of the testing prior to its Artemis I spaceflight.

SLS vertical lift at NASA Stennis | image credit: NASA/SSC

The lift was performed on Jan. 21-22 and crews have fully secured the stage to stand for the systems’ tests. They will also power up avionics, conduct main propulsion system and engine leak checks. The teams will also check out the hydraulics system and the thrust vector control unit, which allows for rotating the engines to direct thrust and “steer” the rockets trajectory.

Core stage installation
SLS being lowered for testing | image credit: NASA/SSC

A simulated countdown as well as a “wet dress rehearsal” will also be performed. This will end just prior to engine ingnition and a full four-engine hot fire to come in subsequent days.

Crews will then lower the SLS back to a horizontal position and prep the move to NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida. So, back on to Pegasus for the trip south. The next time the four RS-25 engines fire, the SLS will be making its maiden voyage for Artemis I.

Jon Van Horne
Jon Van Horne

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