SpaceX rocket booster B1048, 5 times flown

At 8:16 a.m. eastern time, SpaceX lifted off their 5th installment of 60 Starlink satellites. Delayed from March 15th on an “engine high power” auto abort, today’s rocket launch was considered a success. On ascent, one of the Merlin engines had an early engine shutdown. Possibly, but not obviously related to the rocket missing landing on the autonomous drone ship (“Of Course I Still Love You”).

SpaceX Falcon 9 B1048.5 Lift Off
Falcon 9 B1048 lift off at NASA Kennedy SPace Center, Florida from LC-39A | photo: Crystal Gabriel

This also marks the first time fairings have been reused. So, we had 2 milestones set by SpaceX today. This is the 5th launch of Starlink v1.0 and the 6th Starlink launch in total. We are looking forward to this Internet Broadband service via satellite which is suppose to be online for North America and Mexico late 2020/early 2021.

Max Q Falcon 9 Starlink
Falcon 9 reaching max Q in the atmosphere | photo: Crystal Gabriel

If you missed the launch, you can still watch it here on our YouTube channel.

Jon Van Horne
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