Commercial Crew Rocket Booster Returns to Port Canaveral

The SpaceX rocket booster, B1058.1, made it’s return to Port Canaveral on June 2, 2020 at ~2:30pm EDT (~1830 UTC). This rocket booster launched on May 30, 2020 for the SpaceX Demo Mission-2 spaceflight, with 2 NASA astronauts. It’s the first commercial built rocket to send humans to space.

SpaceX Rocket Booster B1058.1
Falcon 9 B1058.1 rides on the drone ship, Of Course I Still Love You from it’s historical Demo Mission-2 launch and landing | photo: Jon Van Horne

The seas were rough and winds gusting high. The SpaceX Fleet pulled through and got the rocket booster home safely. Many viewers from all around attended the return of the booster. They were the most we’ve seen on any SpaceX rocket booster return we’ve witnessed.

B1058.1 at the mouth/inlet of Port Canaveral being welcomed by more SpaceX Fleet tugs for assistance | photo: Jon Van Horne

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Later today, B1049.5 is scheduled to come in. This is the first ever 5 times launch and landed rocket booster by SpaceX. They are looking to push 10 times reusable rockets. Due to weather they have been delayed bringing in the rocket booster. We’ll keep you updated with more SpaceX news as it comes in.

Jon Van Horne
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