NASA Conducting final test for SLS

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama is to conclude it’s final testing on the Space Launch System (SLS). The series of structural qualification tests will have one final test. This test will push the design of the liquid oxygen tank (LOX tank) to its limits.

The liquid oxygen tank structural test article, shown here | photo: NASA/Tyler Martin

The engineers will attempt to break a structural test article of the tank with intent. This structure of the LOX tank is identical to that part of the SLS core stage. This is the main part of the rocket that will help launch the Artemis missions to the Moon. Hydraulic systems will apply millions of pounds of pressure of force. It will simulate what is expected of the SLS to experience during launch and flight. For this particular test, water will be filled to simulate the LOX propellant. This will create a loud sound as the tank wall splits.

The SLS rocket, Orion spacecraft, Gateway and human landing framework are a piece of NASA’s spine for space exploration. The Artemis program is the subsequent stage in human deep space exploration. It is a piece of America’s more extensive Moon to Mars approach, in which space travelers will explore the Moon and obtain experience to empower mankind’s next giant leap, Mars.

Jon Van Horne
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