Roscosmos resupply mission lifts off

Space Coast, FL – Today, Roscosmos launched a Soyuz 2-1a rocket to the International Space Station from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. The uncrewed cargo spacecraft, Progress MS-15, carries supplies for Expeditions 63 aboard the ISS.

Soyuz 2-1a rocket lift off | image: Roscosmos

This is the 76th Progress cargo delivery to the International Space Station. Carrying about 3 tons of cargo, Progress MS-15 is scheduled to rendezvous with the ISS at about 1347 EDT (1747 UTC) today.

Liquid Rocket Boosters separation from 2nd stage core | image: Roscosmos

Deployment of Progress MS-15

Progress reached its preliminary orbit and deployed its solar arrays as scheduled. The spacecraft will make 2 orbits around Earth before meeting up with the ISS.

3rd stage separation sending Progress to its planned trajectory | image: Roscosmos

The Progress MS-15 spacecraft will dock to the Pirs compartment on the space station’s Russian component. Well done Roscosmos on a successful launch and deployment.

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Jon Van Horne
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