First Falcon 9 rocket booster hits 6 times launched and landed

Space Coast, FL – Today at 1031 EDT (1431 UTC) SpaceX launched their 11th Starlink mission (v1.0 – L10). The launch took place at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Space Launch Complex 40. It was nonetheless a perfect weather day for a rocket launch. Barely a breeze on the launch and press sites.

3, 2, 1… and Lift Off!

Falcon 9 B1049.6 Lifts Off from SLC-40, at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL | photo: Crystal Gabriel

SpaceX also delivered 3 SkySats by Planet Labs on this launch with their ride-share services. The Falcon 9 rocket booster, B1049.6, has previously flown on the missions: Telstar 18V / Apstar 5C, Iridium NEXT and Starlink v0.9, Starlink L2, and Starlink L7.

11th Starlink mission lift off, designated L10 with Planet Labs SkySats 19 – 21 | photo: Crystal Gabriel

Falcon 9 milestone

The now 6 times launched and landed rocket booster is SpaceX’s first Falcon 9 to hit this mark. This also marks SpaceX’s 99th successful launch.

Falcon 9 B1049.6 soars to space | photo: Crystal Gabriel

The continuing launches of the Starlink missions should shatter some records of re-usability in the coming months. Each Falcon 9 rocket booster is expected to be re-used 10 times. We’ll soon see which will be the 2nd to hit 6 times launched and possibly landed.

Falcon 9 hitting Max-Q | photo: Crystal Gabriel

So far, Falcon 9 B1051.5 is the closest, but not yet scheduled for it’s next launch. Starlinks L11-14 are targeted to be launched before end of 2020 and possibly more.

Congratulations SpaceX on the successful launch, mission and landing!

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