The sooty SpaceX Falcon 9 after it’s 6th spaceflight

Space Coast, FL – This morning around 0730 EDT (1130 UTC) the tug boat Finn Falgout towed Of Course I Still Love You back to Port Canaveral. Stationed upon the drone ship, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket booster B1049.6.

Finn Falgout tugs Of Course I Still Love You with Falcon 9 rocket booster B1049.6 | photo: Jon Van Horne

A first time for everything

This particular rocket booster marks SpaceX’s first 6 times launched and landed Falcon 9 rocket booster. Now, when’s lucky number 7? We will probably find that out soon in the coming weeks. It recently completed the 11th Starlink mission, also designated L10. Along with a ride-share payload of 3 SkySat satellites for Planet Labs.

Octagrabber secures the Falcon 9 to the drone ship, Of Course I Still Love You | photo: Jon Van Horne

Falcon 9 rocket boosters are expected to be reused 10 times. So we definitely will see more Falcon 9s hit their own milestones with each launch. Currently B1049.6 is being hoisted for leg retraction, in which afterwards will be sent back to SpaceX facilities for refurbishment here in Florida.

Sooty 6 times flown and landed SpaceX Falcon 9 | photo: Jon Van Horne

Many launches are to come prior to 2021. So don’t blink, you just might miss a bit of history.

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Jon Van Horne
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