Artemis I to sport the NASA Worm logo

Space Coast, FL – Today, Jim Bridentsine announced and posted images of the SRBs (Solid Rocket Boosters) paint job. Artemis I will be decorated with the legendary NASA Worm logo along side the SRBs.

NASA Worm logo on sections of the SLS’s Solid Rocket Boosters | photo: NASA

The ESA (European Space Agency) logo has also been recently added on the Orion Spacecraft. ESA is providing Orion’s service module, which is the powerhouse that fuels and propels the spacecraft.

The NASA worm and ESA logos on the Orion Spacecraft | photo: NASA

NASA Worm Logo

The NASA worm logo was retired in 1992, however… it made it’s glorious legendary comeback in 2020 for the NASA SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2. The test flight of the Dragon Endeavour spacecraft with Bob Behnken and Douglas Hurley.

Illustration of the SLS with newly added NASA worm logo | image: NASA

Applied early next year and visible from the launch pad, the meatball and an ESA logo will be shown on the fairings that cover the service module. As well as the American flag will appear on the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage, and the launch abort system with the words “United States.”

SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft on the mobile lancher for Artemis I | image: NASA

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