Cargo Dragon 2 for CRS-21 coming to Florida

Space Coast, FL – Last week, SpaceX sent the first Cargo Dragon 2 capsule to Florida. The launch is expected for November/December 2020.

SpaceX Cargo Dragon 2 spacecraft | photo: SpaceX

Cargo Dragon 2 is the successor of SpaceX’s previous Dragon spacecraft. Dragon was last flown on CRS-20 (Cargo Resupply Services 20). Making it’s 3rd and final round trip from Earth to the ISS and back. This will be the first time Dragon 2 takes flight to the international space station (ISS).

Sneak peak at the interior of Dragon 2 | photo: SpaceX

This will also be the first flight for SpaceX under NASA’s CRS Phase 2 contract awarded in January 2016. FUN FACT: this is the first Cargo Dragon flight that will be docked at the same time as a Crew Dragon spacecraft (SpaceX Crew-1).

Primary Payload of CRS-21

CRS-21 Patch Design

Bishop, formerly known as NanoRacks Airlock Module, is a small commercial airlock module attached to Node 3 (Tranquility module) of the ISS. The NanoRacks Airlock Module will offer five times the satellite deployment volume than current opportunities (Japanese Kibo module airlock) available today. Nanoracks is the prime contractor, with Thales Alenia Space building the pressurized shell and Boeing providing the berthing mechanism.

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