GO Ms. Chief and GO Ms. Tree make early morning Port return

Space Coast, FL – This morning around 0345 EDT (0745 UTC) GO Ms. Chief returned to the SpaceX docks in Port Canaveral, Florida, USA. Soon after, GO Ms. Tree had returned. The two fairing catching sisters were previously stationed in the Atlantic Ocean for the latest Starlink mission by SpaceX.

GO Ms. Chief berthing to the SpaceX docks with fairing half near stern | photo: Jon Van Horne

GO Ms. Chief with net still up had fished one of the Starlink fairing halves out of the water. Later in the morning, it is expected that the fairing half will be hoisted off the ship. The fairing will later be sent back to SpaceX facilities for inspection and possible refurbishment.

GO Ms. Tree setting up for berthing to SpaceX docks | photo: Jon Van Horne

GO Ms. Tree has another story. Making her 6th fairing catch you can see that her net is down with fairing near stern. Lately, this ship has had better luck than her sister in catching a fairing half. BUT, Ms. Tree has also been at it longer and with a veteran crew. The fairing half is also expected to be hoisted off the ship and sent back for inspection and refurbishment later in the morning/afternoon.

Welcome Back to both ship crews and wish you the best of luck on your next mission.

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Jon Van Horne
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