SpaceX, the Scrub-fest party crasher

Space Coast, FL – After a long drought of rocket launches, we finally got one! SpaceX lifted off their Falcon 9 rocket for their 13th Starlink mission.

Lift Off! SpaceX Falcon 9 B1058.3 for Starlink L12 | photo: Jon Van Horne

The Falcon 9 rocket booster that launched today was B1058.3. The very same rocket booster that lifted Bob & Doug to the International Space Station in May of this year.

Falcon 9 rocket soars to deliver Starlink | photo: Jon Van Horne

Elon Musk made a trip to Cape Canaveral to oversee much of the hardware after multiple scrubs and delays of the Falcon 9 rockets.

Few seconds before main engine cut off and the Falcon 9’s return to Earth | photo: Jon Van Horne

Booster return was successful. Landing on the drone ship Of Course I Still Love You. Let Launch-fest begin!

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Jon Van Horne
Jon Van Horne

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