Mighty Atlas V slips from Election Day launch

UPDATE: Confirmed Date/Time – November 4, 2020 at 1754 EST (2254 UTC) lift off.

Space Coast, FL – The United Launch Alliance Atlas V mission NROL-101 was slated for a November 3rd lift off. Though minutes after media arrived at Space Launch Complex 41 for remote set up, we were informed to pack up and ready departure.

Mighty Atlas V in 531 configuration at SLC-41 for NROL-101
Might Atlas V 531 moments prior to a roll back to the VIF | photo: Jon Van Horne

A ULA official advised us that the Atlas V was to be rolled back to the Vertical Integration Facility. We are still waiting from ULA for confirmation as to why this is. We can only assume it is nothing major as press is to be back out tomorrow.

NROL-101 payload fairings on top of the Mighty Atlas V
Payload fairings on-top of the Atlas V with mission logo, Space Force logo, the American Flag and the Atlas logo | photo: Jon Van Horne

So far we’re looking at a November 4th lift off now as of current. But again, still waiting for confirmation from ULA.

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Jon Van Horne
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