SpaceX nails Trifecta Static Fires, 3 in one day

Space Coast, FL – SpaceX has been aiming for Mars with their new rocket, Starship. The current testing is going on over in Boca Chica, Texas. SpaceX is currently testing Starship SN9 (Serial Number 9). Today, they tested 3 raptor engines on the prototype 3 times today and looking to attempt a high altitude flight test and landing within the next few days.

Starship SN8 on test stand | image: SpaceX

The Static Fires

The first static fire today happened around 1325 EST. This was the second static fire in total that SN9 has completed.

The testing of these Starship prototypes are very rigorous in order to get full data of what the spacecraft is capable of. The second static fire of the day happened approx. 1520 EST.

Starship SN8 ignites for it’s historic lift off to 12.5km | photo: SpaceX

Three Raptor engines had their work cut out for them today, as expected. A third static fire occurred around 1635 EST. This was the 4th in total of static fires of this particular Starship prototype SN9.

Next up for Starship SN9 is the high altitude flight test with potential landing. Date and Time of this flight is currently pending. Though, should happen within the next few days.

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