Two Rocket Boosters, One Port Canaveral… Almost

Space Coast, FL – A series of rocket booster events happened through the early and late morning hours in Port Canaveral, Florida, USA. While a SpaceX Falcon 9 was being transported from Port Canaveral, another Falcon 9 was sailing in. B1058 came in to Port Canaveral on the ASDS Of Course I Still Love You from it’s mission, Transporter 1.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Booster B1058.5
Tug Finn Falgout , tows Of Course I Still Love You with Falcon 9 B1058.5 | photo: Jon Van Horne

Rock-“et” SpaceX Rocket Booster

The Falcon 9 B1058 had just returned from a record breaking mission of most satellites delivered in one launch. This was also the same one that carried Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley for the historical Demo Mission 2 human spaceflight test to the International Space Station. That’s right, this rocket booster has now launched and landed four more times since then.

Falcon 9 Rocket Booster with NASA meatball logo
NASA Meatball logo still present on the Falcon 9 B1058 rocket booster | photo: Jon Van Horne

This return to Port Canaveral was the closest SpaceX has gotten to having two Falcon 9s in port at the same time. Quite impressive as workers worked diligently on B1051 over night to have it ready for transport this morning. They needed to get it done in order to clear way for the next rocket booster to come in. SpaceX is getting very close to a new milestone and reality of Elon Musk’s vision of in reusability.

SpaceX Fleet family photo with SpaceX rocket booster
A family photo of the entire SpaceX Fleet | photo: Jon Van Horne

The next SpaceX launch is slated for Jan. 30, 2021 and will be the 18th Starlink mission being lifted off from legendary Launch Complex 39A. Word is, is that the Falcon 9 launching will be it’s eighth launch, B1049.8! Check out our launch schedule page for more details and launch times!

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