Mars Perseverance Landing Update & Video

Space Coast, FL – NASA JPL/Caltech made an update about the recent Mars landing today. They have released new images and video of Perseverance and Ingenuity’s landing. This marks the first time NASA JPL/Caltech has been able to capture video of the landing on Mars.

Parachute deployment in Mars Atmosphere
Parachute deployment to slow down Perseverance’s entry | Image: NASA JPL/Caltech

Mars EDL Cams

in order to capture the EDL (Entry, Decent and Landing) sequence on Mars, four cameras were used. They were placed on the back shell that deploys the parachutes, the bottom of the SkyCrane and two on the top and bottom of Perseverance.

Annotation of the EDL cameras
Annotation graphic of EDL Cams | Image: NASA JPL/Caltech

The parachute you see deployed is packed so tightly it’s about the same density as oak and weighs 150 lbs. (pounds). It get’s launched out of the back shell at about one-hundred miles per hour, with a mortar.

Perseverance being lowed on to Mars
Perseverance landing on Mars from the Sky Crane Cam | Image: NASA JPL/Caltech

The landing was close to text book. NASA JPL/Caltech is still reviewing all the data that was sent to Earth over the weekend. Unfortunately the EDL microphone did not pick up any sound during EDL.

Sky Crane with umbilical cords and cables supporting the Mars rover
Sky Crane with umbilical cords lowering Perseverance | NASA JPL/Caltech

The Perseverance rover is designed to investigate a site that shows clear evidence for ancient aqueous processes. It is also capable of determining the habitability of an ancient environment. This requires an evaluation of the characteristics of the environment and the processes that influence it. The Mars rover, Perseverance, will bring a comparison of those characteristics with what is known about the capacity of life, as we know it, to exist in such environments.

Mars EDL Video

This video shows the full sequence of entry, descent and landing of the latest Mars rover Perseverence. Congratulations to all the teams and individuals at NASA JPL/Caltech that made it happen.

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